Saturday, September 03, 2011

Stan Lee Saturdays #8: Composite Stan Lee scares the bejeezus out of me

Cover of FOOM #17 (June 1977), cover art by Arnold Sawyer

And if you love that image, you'll want to own it as a poster hanging in your bedroom so you can see it first thing when you wake up!


joecab said...

You're one crazy bovine because I went totally gaga for this cover when it came out. I wish I did get the poster!

Sleestak said...

I can't stop looking at his invisible finger.

Jack said...

This was my first issue of FOOM! And why the hell didn't it cause me nightmares?

arniesan said...

haha Im Arnie and I painted this for Stan way back when. I gave Stan the original painting at the 1976 NY convention during his speech there. Thats where I met David Kraft, the editor of FOOM, who wanted it for the cover. And he agreed to help me sell some of the 1000s of posters I had printed up expecting to make a killing! (there were plenty left over. all gone now). Stan always loved this image and kept the trading card version of it in his wallet.

Ironically, Carnegie Hall had a similar concept for their poster for Stan's Sold Out "Evening With Stan Lee" event. But they just used a grid of comic images to make a face.

Today I look back and wonder why I bothers with Howard the Ducks hat in there! But he was so popular it made sense.