Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking for Mr. Kirby

Panels from Patsy and Hedy #88 (June 1963), script by Stan Lee, art by Al Hartley

Well, see, that's your problem right there. Nobody's gonna recognize Kirby if he looks like this:

Because everybody knows Kirby looks like this:

Cover of FOOM! #11 (September 1975), art by John Byrne and Joe SInnott

So, if you want to recognize Kirby when you pick him up at the cosmic boom tube station, keep an eye open for the guy who looks like this:

And so say all of us!


Kid Kyoto said...

How? How? How do you find these great stories?

No, don't tell me, it would ruin the magic.

SallyP said...

Oh, Patsy and Hedy, and their wacky wacky adventures.

Patrick Lemaire said...

La couverture de FOOM est par John Byrne.

Bully said...

You are right, Patrick! I'd never noticed the "Jack Byrne" signature wasn't by Kirby! Thanks!

(Vous avez raison, Patrick! Je n'avais jamais remarqué la signature "Jack Byrne" n'était pas par Kirby! Merci!)