Wednesday, March 30, 2011

365 Days with the Warriors Three, Day 89

While I'm doing my best throughout 2011 to give equal time to our Magnificent Trio, you can't help but notice that one figure seems to always command a more...expansive presence than the other two. But when that warrior if Volstagg, the Lion of Asgard, surely no one can fault me for throwing the spotlight about the Voluminous One! Everybody loves Volstagg*, right?

Letter printed in Thor #144 (September 1967)

I would totally buy a monthly mag titled The Mighty Volstagg.

Anyway, "Randy Fletcher" of Stephenson, Virginia...if that is your real couldn't possibly be more wrong, as exemplified by the final page of this same issue's "Tales of Asgard," in which Thor, Hogun, Volstagg and their special guest star Alibar (not to be confused with Candibar) are pinned down by the freakin' forces of Satan...and get their nigh-immortal rumps saved guessed it...that so-called "blubbering nincompoop":

Yah boo on you, Randy Fletcher, and forty-four years later, I believe you owe Volstagg an apology letter. Get out your typewriter and paper from the basement storage in Stephenson and start writing, bub...I wanna see a letter of humble crow-eating published no later than this summer's Journey Into Mystery #625!

*Little known fact: for twelve years running, Everybody Loves Volstagg was the number one situation comedy on ABC (The Asgardian Broadcasting Company).

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