Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ten of a Kind: Riddle Me This

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


Anonymous said...

So the Wringer goes round destroying ventriloquist's dummies? I could root for this guy.

Anonymous said...

Let's see which ones I can answer. Oh, "Spoiler Warnings," I guess.

1. L.R. "Skip" Collins, omnipotent suburban schlub, who conveniently undoes Ego the Living Planet's assault on Earth.

2. Prof. Ivo

3. Dunno. Read this when it came out, but never got the second part. It did result in Alfred's daughter being introduced into the cast for a few years, then swept under the rug post-crisis.

4. Dunno, never read it.

5. A villain who I thought was actually pretty cool at age 12 and was sorry to see get killed off.

6. Didn't read it. You mean you're not Cliff Steele?

7. Dunno, didn't read it, but I gotta say I'm intrigued...

8. Dunno, didn't read it.

9. A dying actor who puts on an elaborate hoax on the World's Finest team to give his "Greatest Performance." Neal Adams art...

10. Didn't read it, but I'd have to agree with the blurb.

--Chris K

Anonymous said...

Looking at #2 again, I notice the actual question is "HOW COULD one of you be a murderer?" Well, the answer is, of course, they couldn't. But I never did find out who really shot Mlle. Marie. (Oh, yeah, the victim was the French "Battle Doll" herself...)

Bully said...

Bravo, Chris K! I actually started this theme trying to find 10 covers to which I could answer the questions (or at least give a funny alternate answer) but in the end just went with ten questions covers. You earned yourself a Bull-Prize!