Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The boy ain't right

Franklin Richards:
FF #222 panel

FF #244 panel

FF #238 panel

FF #223 panel


FF #134 panel


FF #222 panel

Say, what's up with that kid being such a creepy feeb? Why, it's not as if Franklin doesn't get the very finest loving parental care, is it?
FF #109 panel

Still, in the end it won't do the little tyke any harm, now, will it?:
FF #222 panel
FF #222 panel

Like father, like son? Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Any kid who says "Yaybo!" definitely ain't right.

Mike Haseloff said...

Seriously!... Yaybo?!
That's the exclamation the son of a genius arrives at?!

Then again, that first example isn't without it's appeals... *pipe + chortle*

Anonymous said...

Yaybo sounds like the gibberish the word verification on Blogger usually throws at me.

Also, the more I look at that first example the more unsettling it gets. Why does Franklin look about 12? Why is Sue dressed in a suit and pearls to play with the kid? Is Reed patting his son on the head or does the next panel show him smacking his son off Sues' back>

These are questions that need answered.

SallyP said...

Aw, leave the kid alone. It isn't as though Reed and Sue are model parents afterall.

That said, Franklin IS a little on the strange side.

Mike Haseloff said...

"That said, Franklin IS a little on the strange side."

There was that whole thing of his dreams manifesting as reality... Which potentially has fantastically awkward ramifications, should he ever reach adolesence...

Unknown said...

Poor Frank. His pre-adolescent suffering at the hands of his doltish parents has me chortling to no end. Yaybo indeed.

ANAGYBW! Blogger word verification is quick with the retort.

Anonymous said...


"Yes, son?" "I want to kill you..."


"I want to...