Saturday, October 27, 2007

Separated at Birth: Meanwhile, Out in the Backyard

Animal Man #14 and #22
L: Animal Man #14 (August 1989), art by Brian Bolland
R: Animal Man #22 (April 1990), art by Brian Bolland
(Click picture to elephant-size)

What's the story behind these complementary covers? Highlight the following to reveal the SPOILER: In Animal Man #14, young Maxine Baker (daughter of Buddy Baker, Animal Man) encounters a mysterious stranger in the back yard who she calls "Daddy." In Animal Man #20, Buddy's family is brutally murdered. In #22, Buddy borrows a time machine from Rip Hunter and goes back in time before his family's deaths...he is the mysterious stranger recognized by Maxine. Later, Grant Morrison brings the Bakers back to life. No, really.

If you want to read Grant Morrison's fantastic stories behind these covers (and I highly recommend 'em!), you'll find Animal Man #14 in the second trade paperback collection of the series; #22 in the third.


Anonymous said...

As of this posting, the alt text is identical to the alt text from the previous "Separated at Birth": "For your own safety, do not take a bath with this Superman."

This might have been a mistake, but I choose to believe that it was a deliberate choice to put a hilarious-yet-creepy spin on an already enjoyable joke. In any event, I gotta read me some "Animal Man" comics.

Bully said...

Whoops! While you stillshouldn't take a bath with this Superman, I just forgot to update the TITLE text before now. Thanks for the gentle jab, Brian.

joncormier said...

Weird, I just read the last AM trade last weekend.