Saturday, May 06, 2006

Q: Can robots pick up Thor's hammer?


Anonymous said...

Asked and answered! I would so cough up for that crossover.
Another aside: I'm also a toy junkie, and I managed to pick up the new Marvel Legends Thor last week. It's a very nice toy and comes with Thor#352 (Go Simonson!); but I'm sad Thor's not currently in the Marvel U. I'm also a little worried about his upcoming (eventual) return. The best Thor issues had a sense of majesty and wonder that aren't really to be found in the Bendis era.
So, while it kind of seems like a throwback to bygone days, I'd really like the old-school, non-bearded, non-Odinpowered, god of thunder back; to teach everyone how to be a hero, Civil War or not. And to hit people with his hammer.
Anyway, thanks very much, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

one you nacy scum no nothing of the gods two i'm norse as little as you may care you should know the myths befor you speak on a holy name as thors you worthless scum are upon no growns to to even speak his name and should you be damned to a thousnd years with loki in the bowls of midgard you weak excuse of human waste

Mikester said...

"BAH! The Norse care nothing for your puny, weak-willed 'grammar' and 'punctuation' and 'coherence,' lowly stuffed bull!"

Chris Sims said...

It's like a mash-up of e e cummings and Manowar.

Isak the Norseman said...

Like you claim, I am also Norse and regardless of marvel fucking over the idea of Thor and making him blonde when he is actually red haired, wineing like a bitch while throwing in random elements of nose mythology, dishonors true pagans such as myself. Currently I wear a Thors hammer and the leather thong is black. BTW it was undyed.