Sunday, May 07, 2006

Man, Kal-El can hold a grudge

Superman #142, February 1999, six years before Countdown to Infinite Crisis:

Okay, Clark, we know you're angry, but be a bigger man about it. If, say, Blue Beetle ever comes to you lookin' for some kind of help in five or six years, don't just brush him off and...

Whoops. Never mind.

Man, Jim Croce was right.

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Steven said...

1999? so this is what, The Dominus storyline?

>shudder< Man that was some bad stuff. Turned me off Superman for a couple of years-- and I was buying all FIVE titles at that point, even through the Red/Blue storyline.

Ah well, also appearing on this cover is the to-be widowed Elongated Man and recently un-blown-up Captain Atom.

Booster better watch his back, all I'm saying.