Saturday, May 13, 2006

A boring meta-post about Blogger templates

A momentary aside from fun stuff as I play about with the template for my blog. I like this one a little better: it's bolder, doesn't have the distracting bubble background, and it doesn't seem to be overly used (at least in this color scheme) by the comics blogosphere.

However, if it doesn't appear right for you, will ya please let me know, 'specially if you're on a PC? I'm on a Mac and it displays properly in Safari and Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer for the Mac. As IE is no longer being updated for the Mac I'm not gonna lose much sleep over it, but please let me know if the page looks like this (and what system and browser it looks like this on):

I'll prob'bly be doing some minor tweaking of design and elements to this template, so nothin' set in stone. And yes, I saved the old template in case I haveta go back! I may have a little stuffed brain, but I do know enough to do backups!


Dorian said...

The sameness and overuse of Blogger templates is why I made my own.

As out of the box templates go, though, this isn't bad.

Bully said...

Thanks, Dorian. Wouldja believe it was actually your site redesign (and BeaucoupKevin's) that got me thinkin' about trashing the old cluttered colored ball template? Plus, I like your choice of fonts on your redesign!

I'm pretty spotty on CSS ("it's much more difficult with hooves") so I've been experimenting with tweaking pre-existing templates instead of creating my own design from the ground up. Lots of trial and error.

Think of this as only a beginning, altho' I won't be changing it dramatically each week. There's a few dramatic elements coming to make the title bar more distinctive, but I didn't want to proceed down this design route permanently without making certain it actually works on browsers.