Sunday, January 01, 2023

Today in Comics History, January 1, 1940, New Year's Day: Have Yourself a Happy Little New Year

See, it's a Little New Year because Al Pratt is short. But I kids the Al Pratt.

from ["The Origin of the Golden Age Atom]" in Secret Origins (1986 series) #25 (DC, April 1988); script by Roy Thomas; pencils by Mike Clark; inks by Bob Downs; colors by Carl Gafford; letters by Jean Simek, Susan Kronz, and Janice Chiang

Which, because Roy Thomas has an entensive collection of key Golden Age comics, means this version of the classic tale took place on the vey same day:

from "Introducing the Mighty Atom" in All-American Comics #19 (DC/All-American, October 1940), script by Bill O'Connor, pencils by Ben Flinton, inks by Leonard Sansone

The 1940s: they were just plain cruel, weren't they?

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