Thursday, November 17, 2022

Today in Comics History, November 17, A Long Time Ago: You Bet Your Life Day

On this date in 1978, the class (?) TV spectcaular The Star Wars Holiday Special aired for the very first, and the very last, time. Opinions are divided as to the quality of the show (big furry Wookiee thumbs down on everything except the cartoon, but I like the Bea Arthur segment myself), but you can't help but admit it has had a major impact upon the Star Wars mythology. Now that it's all canon, it's fun to see where the legends got their start!

Okay, yeah, you got me. Thanks to contemporary Disney-era comic books, the celebration of Life Day and some of its characters are canon, if not necessarly anything that went on in that special. Aw, that means Harvey Korman piuring a drink into his volcano head is relegeated to Legends. But did anything good ever come out of the Holiday Special? Why yes! Like this awesome comic book cover by Francesco Francavilla!

cover of Star Wars Adventures (2020 series) #3 (IDW, February 2021), art by Francesco Francavilla

Under that cover is a story aptly titled "Life Day," which, if not chock full to the rim with Jefferson Starship, at least has Qui-Gon Jin and his padawan with a learner permit Obi-Wan Kenebi visiting Kashyyyk during life day. Get out the red bathrobes, everybody!

from "Life Day" in Star Wars Adventures #3; script by Michael Moreci, art by Megan Levens, colors by Charlie Kirchoff, letters by Jake M. Wood

Hey Anakin! What's your favorite opening to a Kate Bush song?

Just as your Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without your Uncle Griff getting sloshed and falling off his chair, so too is a Life Day celebration without a vicious attack against the Wookiees! Judging how long Wookiees live, Chewbacca should be rollin' around here somewhere, and I hope he's pulling the arms off the Trandoshans like he always does in his signature winning more.

All's well that ends well, and the triumphant Wookiees lead the Transdoshans off to the barbecue pit. They're using a recipe they got from the Ewoks! Mmm, them's good eatin'.

from "Life Day, Part 2" in Star Wars Adventures (2020 series) #4 (IDW, March 2021), script by Michael Moreci, art by Megan Levens, colors by Charlie Kirchoff, letters by Jake M. Wood

Happy Life Day, you wonderful old Wookiee Savings and Loan!

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