Sunday, January 09, 2022

Today in Comics History, January 9: Happy birthday, Chic Young!

Born on this day in 1901: yet another cool guy in comics named Chic (and not to be confused with that stony Marvel inker who had his birthday a few days past), the cartoonist who created Blondie: Chic Young! (Short for, if you'll believe Wikipedia, and why not) "Chicken!"

Here's a couple comics text pages that, if probably not by Chic Young, are at least kinda about him!

text page from Blondie Comics Monthly #17 (Harvey, April 1950)

text page from Blondie Comics Monthly #22 (Harvcey, September 1950)

Happy birthday, Chic Young, and thanks for all the giant sandwiches, naps on the couch, running into the mailman, sneaking in late past Mr. Dithers, and trying to get one up on Herb Woodley fun that we've all loved since (looks it up) whoa, 1930?!

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