Saturday, March 14, 2020

Today in Comics History: I happen to have Marshall McLuhan right here

In his apocalyptic classic The One, Rick Veitch postulates that media megabrain Marshall McLuhan would look to the skies to see not TV transmissions, but falling nuclear weapons! Ouch, Mr. McLuhan! You'd better get out of there! Here, go inside this movie cinema and hide behind this promotional standee!

Text page from The One #1 (IDW reprint, February 2018), script by Rick Veitch

But wait! This is from the reprinted version of The One. You mean to tell me that Veitch thought of this in the mid-eighties? Answer: well...kinda:

Text page from The One #1 (Marvel/Epic, July 1985), script by Rick Veitch

The reprint serves up a more-or-less-completely re-written version of the original text piece, and for some reason, changes the date on which it was published! WHat does this mean? Well, it means I shoulda posted this on February 12, but I didn't notice the difference until now. And that's the atomic truth!

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