Wednesday, March 22, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 81: Look, up in the sky

In an age of talking heads

Yes, yes, thank you David, but what I meant was the talking heads on our TV telling us all the hourly doom 'n' gloom at that there's no hope. Well, we need to take a lesson from Lana Lang of the future uture uture and look to the grimy, polluted skies! There we will find a man who will help us fight back, a man who we can look toward in our struggle to resist!

Panels from Batman: The Dark Knight (1986 series) #2 (March 1986), script and pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson, colors by Lynn Varley, letters by John Costanza

Also, there's Robin, the Girl Wonder. Yay!

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Blam said...

"Stop hitting yourself, Lana! Stop hitting yourself!"