Monday, March 20, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 79: To Me, My Earth-X Men

The Justice Society of America! Strange visitors from another world (Earth-2, to be precise)! Hey, since they came first, why is their world Earth Two? If'n I were the Original Flash and the Original Green Lantern and the Original Superman, I'd have a thing or two to say about that. Anyway: they're fightin' Nazis! Which is always a good thing, as Earth-2 Martha Stewart told you first.

Panels from Justice League of America (1960 series) #107 (September-October 1973), script by Len Wein, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Dick Giordano, colors by Glynis Wein, letters by Ben Oda

All is darkest before the dawn (and also because my scans didn't turn out as bright as I'd hoped on those last panels), but luckily the JSA is accompanied by their Earth-1 non-union equivalents, the Justice League of America! Er, at least, Green Arrow, Elongated Man, and...Red Tornado, not even actually yet a member of the League. Oh man. They're boned.

Hooray! It's the Nazi-bustin' heroes of Earth-X! The Earth where no one under the age of eighteen will be admitted, cos' it's kinda saucy. It's...Amerihat! Gnat Boy! Cling-Film Woman! Captain Rhinoceros! Designed-By-Mike-Grell-Costume Kid! And Poppin-Fresh! They are the Freedom Fighters!

I kid the Freedom Fighters, but they punch Nazis, so they're okay by me. You go, FF!


Dave said...

Uncle Sam always has, and always will be, one of my favorites - by cracky!

Blam said...

The Red Tornado isn't actually joined the JLA at this point. He's newly returned from the dead (or destroyed) and when last seen was a JSAer. Also: You misspelled "Grell" as "Greel" and neglected to name Diving-Suit Guy amongst the Freedom Fighters. Don't shoot the messenger... unless it's with a T-shirt gun from a safe distance.

Blam said...

"hasn't joined" — not " joined"
(There's a joke in there somewhere about how he was re-joined after blowing up real good, but I'm too tired to figure it out.)

Blam said...

Sigh. That should be "hasn't joined" — not "isn't joined". I swear the word was there before I published my comment.)