Thursday, March 02, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 61: The drink you drown your troubles in is the trouble you're in now

Sometimes the act of defiance that matters most in your life is not against a supervillain or an oppressive political regime, but against a literal demon! Oh, wait, a figurative demon. A a bottle! And you know what they say about bottles: phenomenal cosmic powers...itty bitty living space! Also: you can return 'em for a deposit at Safeway.

Panels from Iron Man (1968 series) #128 (November 1979); co-plot and script by David Michelinie; breakdowns by John Romita, Jr.; co-plot and finishes by Bob Layton; colors by Bob Sharen; letters by John Costanza

It's dressed up with all the wordy melodrama of a '69 Stan Lee-scripted Silver Surfer saga, and it's one of the classic important stories that probably would have benefitted from 2000s' style decompression, because it all happens and is resolved so very fast, but the fight of Tony stark against alcoholism still remains a powerful storyline, one that hasn't been retconned away and which still influences the Tony of today in virtually every story: a man who loves analytical thought, tempted by something that makes him lose it.

The comic basically breezes over this torment in a handful of pages. Tony's battle with alcoholism would return, though, most notably when he passes the armor to James Rhodes. For the moment, however, this is one of the most triumphant moments in the Marvel Universe: a little story about a victory as vital as chasing away Galactus.


Anyway, the sun's exploding.

Resources about alcoholism:

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Scott said...

Thank you, Bully, for 8ncluding resources for folks who might be struggling. That is always appreciated.

And thanks for bringing me hope and comfort in trying times. That is always sppreciated, too.