Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Month of... Board Games! Day 27: Brand New '64 Dodge the Dalek

Hey, remember that old Dalek Game?

No, no, not that one...this one, the extremely retro simple-to-learn, impossible-to-master Daleks Computer Game! And I think it would look...a little something like this:

"The New Daleks" by Bob Arning (1985), based on "Daleks" by Johan Strandberg (1984), based on "Robots" by Ken Arnold (late 1970s)

You can play a Flash-based version of the Daleks Game here.

Or, play this version from the very first Doctor Who-related annual! You don't even need a computer! Well, except to read this post and print the game board.

"Dodge the Dalek" from The Dalek Book (1964); creator unknown (possibly David Whitaker)
(Click picture to Davrosize)

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Jason Glor said...

I used to play that Daleks game on my Mac Plus. I didn't know what Daleks even were at the time, but it was a fun little game.