Thursday, July 02, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 183: Archie's Generic Celebrities in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I'm still pretty busy picking up all the confetti and streamers from my birthday party yesterday, so in order to catch up, here's a guest submission for 365 Days of Star Wars Comics, sent in by my good pal Mister Mike Sterling. Thanks, Mike! He's sent me a cover that I can only describe as another entry in the long list of Archie's Generic Celebrities: Not Actually Threepio and Artoo!

Cover of Mad House #111 (February 1978), artist uncredited

Thanks again, Mike! A slice of day-old birthday cake is being emailed to you now as we speak! Also: HAPPY MIKE'S GIRLFRIEND'S BIRTHDAY! Bullincidentally.


rocketdave said...

Didn't they do this same gag when the droids guest starred on Sesame Street?

Ryan Roe said...

Close... it was a fire hydrant!