Sunday, November 30, 2014

Archie's Generic Celebrities Month, Day 30: Not Actually Veronica Lodge

Hey, we're at the end of Archie's Generic Celebrities Month! What do you think about that, Reggie Mantle?

Panel from "Teen Paparazzi" in Archie & Friends #116 (April 2008), script by George Gladir, pencils by Fernando Ruiz, inks by Jon D'Agostino, colors by Barry Grossman, letters by Jon D'Agostino

Actually, Reggie, no, because to qualify as a Generic Celebrity in Riverdale, you have to have a soundalike name to the original. For example, what happens to Veronica Lodge when her name is misspelled on her driver's license!:

Panels from "A Fishy License" in Betty and Veronica (1987 Series) #106 (December 1996), script by Hal Smith, pencils and inks by Dan DeCarlo, colors by Barry Grossman, letters by Bill Yoshida

So pretty much the rest of the story is taken up with the wacky hijinks of Betty chauffeuring Veronica around town and then Ronnie takes her driver's license test again and gets a new license and then here we go:

There you go, folks: Archie's Generic Celebrities Month. i hope you has as good a time as we did with Jangelina Olie, Wuce Brillis, and Cenedibt Bumbercatch. And what about you, Cheryl Blossom?

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Blam said...

I can't decide if that top panel is Not Actually Cherry Poptart, Not Actually Angel O'Day, or Not Actually Dumb Bunny.