Thursday, October 02, 2014

Paper Doll Month, Extra!!: Lady, That's My Paper Doll

Not many people remember that I was actually in a Disney movie with Hayley Mills...

Panels from That Darn Bull! one-shot (February 1966), pencils and inks by Dan Spiegle

That's okay, because my good pal Sleestak, master of all he surveys over at his blog Lady, That's My Skull, knows all about my long movie career with his favorite actress, including my brief cameo appearance in Disney's European romance-adventure The Moon-Spinners.

Panels from the Moon-Spinners one-shot (October 1964), pencils and inks by Dan Spiegle

Anyway, not only is Sleestak the world's foremost collector of Dell Comics starring Ms. Mills and yours truly, but he's also been a fan of my recent Paper Doll Month! And when we had a discussion via the internet-matron about paper dolls and Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy, and a particular comic strip so surreal that even Salvador Dalí was heard to exclaim "No puedo creerlo! Este joven llamado Sluggo, que está flotando en el aire! Es un desafío a la imaginación!" (Translation: "Ay carumba!"):

Nancy comic strip (April 27, 1953), by Ernie Bushmiller

Sleestak brilliantly then came up with

The Greatest Paper Dolls Ever Made

...and I've put that in really bold text with a hyperlink because I'm not gonna show it to you, you gotta click over to see it.

Then, when you're done being amazing at The Greatest Paper Dolls Ever Made, cap off Paper Doll Month by checking out his paper doll mash-up of me with Lady Cassandra from TV's Doctor Who. I was flattened by this homage!

What are you waiting for? make with the clickety-clicks to see

The Greatest Paper Dolls Ever Made!

Tell Sleestak Bully sent ya!


Blam said...

// his paper doll mash-up of me with Lady Cassandra //

I was afraid that the premise might be stretched a little thin, but I think I pulled something laughing. Well done, Sleestak!

DC Sheehan said...