Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A Sugar and Spike Halloween, Night 1: Don't forget to check your candy for spikes

BWAHHHHHHH! (In my spooky vampire voice.) It's once again time for that orangy-and-blackiest holiday of them all, Halloween! Which is coming up in only thirty-one short, chilly fall nights, so you'd better stock up on candy to hand out now. I really mean it. Do not run out of Halloween candy! This month, all month, you should be checking my humble little puppet-town cow-blog for titanic tales of those terrifying tots, those beastly babbling babies, the carrot- and tow-headed kids of komedy, of whom it has been said, and well-said: bplsfhh! That's right: it's time for the pair that's a precious as a pumpkin but in more mischief than a monstrous mummy: it's A Sugar and Spike Halloween! And, as in pervious spine-tingling Octobers, I'm once again part of the Countdown to Halloween web ring of Halloweeny horror! Because, y'knowm two kids, not toilet trained yet...horrific! Be sure to visit the other members of Countdown to Halloween for lots of other fun stuff leading up to our scariest day, because I'm pretty sure you'll find witches, goblins, ghouls, vampires, and a Frankenstein or two in there.

So, in the words of Bernie the Brain: let us commence our celebration of A Sugar and Spike Halloween!

Splash panel from "Sugar and Spike Tackle Halloween" in Sugar and Spike #31 (October-November 1960); script, pencils, and inks by Sheldon Mayer


Shawn Robare said...

Bottom right on that comic is how I feel inside when I approach my yearly counrdown, but the scared kid to the left is after a week or so and the reality of a daily posting schedule sets in ;) Seriously though, looking forward to your countdown!

Blam said...

Three thoughts:
(1) As a toddler, Hamburglar was apparently more into candy than beef patties.
(2) I'm looking forward to this.
(3) Supersnipe must be running around nekkid somewhere.