Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Okay, this made me laugh.

A scene from this month's Red Lanterns Annual:

Panels from Red Lanterns Annual #1 (September 2014), script by Charles Soule, pencils and inks by Miguel Sepulveda, colors by Chris Sotomayor, letters by Dezi Sienty and Taylor Esposito

I will quibble with the fact that this annual continues a story from the regular Red Lanterns series, and is "To Be Continued" in the next issue. (Whatever happened to those done-in-one annuals we had before all the universes re-aligned? Ah well, at least it's not all-reprints.) But I LLOL'd (literally laughed out loud) at the final panel here, which plays on one of the most (in)famous sequences of the early "bwah-ha-ha" Justice League of the...good gravy, has it been that long?...late-eighties, as well as working in a gag that it could only happen in another universe.

If you missed it the first time, or, hey, if you're like me and just wanna see it again, here it is!

Panels from Justice League (1987 series) #5 (September 1987), script by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, pencils by Kevin Maguire, inks by Al Gordon, colors by Gene D'Angelo, letterers by Bob Lappan

It's always good to see Guy Gardner again, although I don't know who glued G'Nort to his face.


SallyP said...

I too snickered at the "not in this Universe,Pal!" line. Such a Guy sort of thing to say.

Darn, I do miss the JLI. And Continuity.

grandpaboy said...

I don't think I ever noticed Blue Beetle tossing Gardner's ring away! Nice touch.

SallyP said...

IT rolled under a console, and when Guy went looking for it, he banged his head...and that's how we got sweet Child-like Guy for a while.

It was all Ted's fault!

Jason Glor said...

I miss those days. That was about the time I first started collecting DC comics (I was a Marvel boy for a few years before). I was a sophomore in high school with a part time job, and I spent most of it on comics. I really loved those comics at the time.