Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Bear Attack! Month 2014, Day 1: Wonder Woman's Fighting Bare Bear

Hello and welcome to July, faithful readers! And just in case you've been wondering what we've got bruin up for you this month...it's a return of Bear Attack! Month with, as Marvel Now! would say, All-New Bears and All-New Attacks! Kicking off thirty days of ursine unruliness is The Girl with the Tiara all the way from Themyscira (hey, that rhymes!)...the all-new Wonder Woman!

Panels from Wonder Woman (2011 series) #27 (March 2014), script by Brian Azzarello, pencils and inks by Cliff Chiang, colors by Matthew Wilson, letters by Jared K. Fletcher

Be sure to join us each day this month as...Bears Attack!


SallyP said...

Oh, you just can't beat that beautiful Cliff Chiang art.

Blam said...

"We're sorry. DC Comics does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time." *SNAP*