Friday, July 04, 2014

At 13th Dimension: Captain America Scares the Pants Off Us

It's the Fourth of July, and you know what that posts about Captain America! Which this year, take the form of something my star-spangled pal John wrote over at 13th Dimension: "Captain America Scares the Pants Off Us!" Yep, it's the true tale of how Cap uses both fear and hope to convince Bucky...and invest in America's future against the Axis powers.

Even so, seems to me that John left out this terribly frightening moment from that ish of Captain America:

Panels from "The Crocodile Strikes!" in Captain America Comics (October 1942); script by Stan Lee (?), pencils by Al Avison, inks by Syd Shores


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Blam said...

It's even harder 'cause the case is surrounded by a whole bunch of them crisscrossin' lasers. You somehow gotta get to the case an' lift it up without trippin' the alarms, then lick the baby without settin' off other alarms that monitor the baby's weight an' the moisture on its body, all without wakin' up the durn baby. 'Cause that is one tough baby, and if'n he wakes up, well, forget the alarms, you will be in the fight of your life, mark my words.