Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I am Spartacus...the Little Stuffed Bull!

While you're all out partying and carousing, I've been here at my little stuffed iMac merrily typing away, writing a guest-post for my pal Steve over at his blog Unseen Films! If you like comics, and if you like movies, and if you like me, then why not mosey over to Unseen Films to read my spotlight on the comic book version of the big blockbuster film Spartacus! You know, the movie in which Kirk Douglas plays Spartacus. And Laurence Olivier plays Spartacus. Also starring Jean Simmons and Charles Laughton as Spartacus! With special guest-star, Peter Ustinov, as Spartacus! And introducing: Tony Curtis in the role of Spartacus!

Panels from Four Color #1139 [Spartacus] (November 1960), comic book script by Gaylord Du Bois, pencils by John Buscema, inks by John Buscema and Mike Peppe

So don't delay, admit that you're Spartacus and head on over! Tell 'em Tony Curtis, and/or Bully the Little Stuffed Bull, sent you!

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