Thursday, October 24, 2013

What, me worry?

Well, to clear up the confusion the above might bring: no, I'm not on vacation, and yes, I'll be back (and sooner than two weeks!) Unexpected life events took me away from my li'l stuffed blog but I'll be back PDQ-ASAP with all the Halloweenie features of which you might be frightened (that you missed)! Stay tuned and I should be back this weekend...cross your hooves for me!

Oh, and another confusing thing: I am not on the cover of Mad. It's jus' my li'l salute o' the hoof (and an apology) to Alfred E. Neuman and the Usual Gang of Idiots:

Cover of Mad #130 (October 1969)

1 comment:

Blam said...

Thanks for outlining the situation... I'm sure familiar with "unexpected life events". Hooves crossed!