Monday, October 21, 2013

Today in Comics History: Daredevil spends his birthday in the usual way, face down on the sidewalk

Panel from Daredevil: Dark Nights #1 (August 2013); script, pencils, and inks by Lee Weeks; colors by Lee "Not Weeks" Loughridge; letters by Clayton "Not a Lee" Cowles

You've gotta hand this to Marvel: they correctly portrayed that Matt Murdock would have a New York State Identification Card rather than a driver's license. Here's what a NYS ID card looks like:

Whoops, no, I've gotten my files mixed up. Here ya go:

My question is: do they actually put "BL" for "blind" on ID cards? Matt Murdock does still have pupils, you know.

Oh, wait. That probably means blue, doesn't it? My silly mistake. (blush)

"Daredveil" entry from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983, first edition) #3 (March 1983), text by Mark Gruenwald and staff, pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Joe Rubinstein, colors by Andy Yanchus

I was gonna go on Google Maps Street View and show you 111 Lincoln Street, Matt Murdock's brownstone, but there's no Lincoln Street in the Manhattan of Earth-1218 (our world). Oh well. So instead I'll just show you how to create a fake ID.

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Unknown said...

Funny thing I noticed is his height on the I'd card looks like it says 5' something