Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stuff Bully Got for Free Comic Book Day: I was born so beautiful but now I'm ugly

Hey, what did you get on Free Comic Book Day?

Panel from Uglydoll Comics (Free Comic Book Day 2013) one-shot (May 2013), script by Travis Nichols, pencils and inks by Ian McGinty, colors by Space Goat Productions, LLC

That's weird, because I got comics! Lots and lots of lovely free comic books from my favorite comic book store in the whole universe, Bergen Street Comics here in lovely Brooklyn. (Stop in and say hi to Tom and Tucker!) They had a big assortment for me, but I missed out on (by my own fault of lateness!) a copy of one of my most eagerly awaited FCBD books, the new tie-in to David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim's lovable felt friends, Uglydoll Comics! But never fear...once he learned I missed out on it, my good pal "Marvelous" Mike Sterling promised to send me a copy.

Hooray, Mike! Mike's from my second favorite comic book store, Ralph's Comic Corner as well as being a comics blogger extraordinary for the multiple award-winning* Progressive Ruin—home for all things Swamp Thing and Sluggo-related since 1969. Mike's also a big proponent and champion of Free Comic Book Day (see his post on Ralph's very successful Free Comic Book Day 2013 here). How big a champ of FCBD is he? So big he mailed me a free comic! Thank you, Mike! I say in HTML-coded bold letters. Heck, let's make 'em in HTML color! THANK YOU MIKE! I have enjoyed this comic book, very very very much!

And so did all my pals!

Thanks again, Mike! You rock! In that totally rocking way, of course.

(And by the way, since you can never watch it enough, here's me and my Uglydoll pal Ox in a little video I like to call "Go West." Because we did.)

*I am not certain if Mike has actually won any awards for Progressive Ruin, but gosh darnit, he oughta have. Even if he hasn't, he as at least won...my little stuffed heart!

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