Saturday, September 01, 2012

Same Story, Different Cover: Funny, He Doesn't Look Sixty-Five

I don't usually focus on variant covers here in "Same Story, Different Cover." Sure, they're the very literal definition of the concept, but I prefer to focus on reprints of tales: showing the same scene through the eyes of a different artist and his/her interpretation.

But here's an exception, because I was just bowled over by the elegance, simplicity, and all-out awesomeness of the fiftieth anniversary Amazing Spider-Man covers by Marcos Martin, each one of which is devoted to a turning event within one of the specific five decades. What, no six-armed Spider-Man?

Covers of Amazing Spider-Man #692 (October 2012), pencils and inks by Marcos Martin

I just can't wait for the sixtieth anniversary cover with 2010s-Spidey riding his jet-pack! Get right on that storyline, Dan Slott!


Blam said...

"Sam Story, Different Cover"
What in Same Hill?!? 8^)

Blam said...

Oh, I agree BTW: Great covers!

Michael Jones said...

I like the purple one. (While we're picking at nits, simplify=simplicity?)