Monday, August 27, 2012

Jenn of a Kind: Magic Kingdom

Continuing our list of the ten two pals o' mine who are having birthdays today, please put your little stuffed hooves together and give big birthday applause to Official Member of Bully's West Coast Mafia JustJenn! Jenn is a triple threat (she's equally good with ninja swords, automatic weapons, and a halberd) in that she has three, count 'em, three amazing oasises of fun and delight on the Intermajignet:
  • JustJenn rants & raves, her totally excellent design/entertainment/mom/food blog. Need a place to get great food in LA? A cool idea for packing a lunch? Some totally excellent crafts about Star Wars? Or the proverbial much more? It's all here!
  • JustJenn recipes spotlights Jenn's cooking and baking talents (including her cool-as-ice cupcake that was featured on the cover of Food Network Magazine!) Lots of great recipes in here for meals, desserts, treats and the best Star Wars confections ever! I honestly believe that Jenn will have a major cookbook or lifestyle deal within the next couple years because her creations are absolutely beautiful and such great fun.
  • JustJenn designs is a store where you can buy her...well, designs, including greeting and note cards, recipe cards, comics, buttons, beautifully designed custom stationery (she did John 'n' Randi's wedding invite!) and the world's most incredible notecards that you absolutely cannot live without for another second in your life!
She's also the creator of the most amazing cupcakes of all time:


Jenn is also the world's biggest fan of Disneyland. So, take it away, Ten Disneyland Covers!

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

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