Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Erase your summer thirst

Vince Coolatta


MiffTheFox said...

I wish there were a Dunkin' Donuts in my area.

According to their site the next closest one is several hours away in the next state over... :/

Blam said...


I get it. 8^)

Admin said...

Oh that's good but there should be scritchy-scratchy lines around the cup as well.
BTW...where can I get a Coolatta?

Unknown said...


H said...

Here's my letter of outrage.

Dear Bully:

Your humor is outrageously funny.

Your fan,


Anonymous said...


That's good funny!

-- MrJM

Dan said...

This makes me laugh whenever I look at it (and this is about the 6th time).

Dave Morris said...

I see what you did there :)