Saturday, March 12, 2011

Same Story, Different [UK] Cover: In Britain, Hawkeye is a big superstar with his very own magazine

L: Avengers #36 (Marvel US, January 1967), art by Don Heck
R: Fantastic [and Terrific] #74 (IPC/Odhams UK, 1968), artist unknown (Don Heck?)

(Click picture to Big Ben-size)

In the United Kingdom, Fantastic and Teriffic reprinted Thor, Hulk, Avengers, X-Men and Iron Man comics. Fantastic, like most British comics, came out weekly and had black-and-white interiors. Still, for ninepence, that's a heckuva lotta Hawkeye.

And, just for comparison's sake, the shamelessly recolored Marvel Triple Action (March 1976):


Jamie Rosen said...

Hawkeye should've always had his own title. If that no-good Green Arrow can keep getting high-profile gigs, so should Clint!

Britt Reid said...

The Fantastic #74's headshot is a flipped and re-inked Heck from the cover of Avengers #19.
The full-body shot is re-inked Kirby from the cover of Tales of Suspense #64.

How's that? ;-)

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