Friday, January 28, 2011

And the hits just keep on comin'

Hey, I found another Death of the Fantastic Four panel!

What If? v2 #14

Have you seen a member of the FF die recently? Be sure to report all your findings to

"I Saw One of the FF Die"
Consulate General of Latveria
E. 68th Street & Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

And thus we work further towards our goal: that within our lifetimes, we will have eradicated the Fantastic Four. Again and again and again.


SallyP said...


That would be one busy consulate.

Michael Jones said...

I love the new header!

Siskoid said...

So if What If counts, then I've got a few more for you in this week's What Ifeature!

Scott Bryan said...

Once again I find myself bringing up What If the Marvel Heroes Lost Atlantis Attacks. We see them die there, too. Can we see that possibly?

Bully said...

Of course What If? counts, guys! If it's good enough for Uatu, it's good enough for Bully.

Siskoid, I'd featured What If? v.2 #15 in Tuesday's post—glad i'm not the only one who noticed they re-ran the same scene within fewer than ten pages!

And Jack, thanks for the suggestion about What If v.2 #25—look for it here, that's a scary and depressing story!

Erich said...

I'd like to suggest the splash page of Fantastic Four #126, which shows Ben walking into the lab to discover "Susie! Murdered by Doc Doom!" (Turned out to be an illusion, as Reed was testing a new holographic system by visualizing the most horrifying thing he could think of. Reed, you are one sick puppy sometimes...)

Michael Peterson said...

One of my alternate reality faves was Namor snapping Johnny's neck in Earth-X.