Monday, January 24, 2011

365 Days with the Warriors Three, Day 24

Captain Marvel #7
Panel from Captain Marvel v.4 #7 (May 2003), script by Peter David, pencils by Kyle Hotz, colors by Chris Sotomayor, letters by Cory Petit


Andrew Leal said...

Actually, as drawn by Kyle Holtz, Volstagg's vastness is such that I could imagine him easily crushing an invader. Yeah, Thor is buff and has carefully coiffed long hair and a fairly neat Custer/Erroll Flynn beard. But does the very ground quake with his footsteps? It does not. So unless this stranger is the Hulk, I'm thinking Volstagg really *must* want Thor to have all the fun.

matthew. said...

This is a terribly drawn comic. I do not like it.

Anonymous said...

That's the purplest purple I've ever seen. Prince himself would raise an ironic eyebrow at the purpleness of that purple.