Wednesday, December 01, 2010

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 335

Avengers #200
Page from Avengers #200 (October 1980), co-plot by Jim Shooter and Bob Layton, co-plot and script by David Michelinie, co-plot and breakdowns by George Perez, finishes by Dan Green, colors by Ben Sean, letters by John Costanza, Ms. Marvel's baby by bad editorial decision

Read more about the Beast's calculator here. Who says this isn't the boisterous Bully age of historical backstory info?


Kid Kyoto said...

Nice one, gotta love the product placement too! (I thought it was a cell phone for a second).

But I think your dates are off, December 2008?

Benjamin Parrish said...

pretty nuts that it takes 4 people to plot this.

joecab said...

I had one of those ... well a TI-55 anyway, and it rocked. And the date was more like October 1980!