Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ten of a Kind Extra: It is, it is a glorious thing, to be a comic book pirate king! (International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition)

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


Michael Jones said...

How much is your corn?
It's a buck an ear!

You've outdone yourself, matey by finding some very obscure titles! I own only the Man-Thing & Batman.

Anonymous said...

...the Hugga-Bunch is far more disturbing than any pirate could be, methinks.

Brian Smith said...

I know nothing about "O.G. Whiz, Boy President of the Tinkletoy Company," and until I find out more about it, I choose to imagine a plucky young boy starring in stories like "Trouble With The Die-Cut Machine!", "Personnel Demand An Extra Holiday!" and "The Staff Birthday Card For Shelley In Accounting!"