Friday, June 19, 2009

Favorite Beatles Songs of the Superheroes

Hey, Wolverine!
What's your favorite Beatles song?

Giant Size Wolverine #1
Panel from Giant-Size Wolverine #1 (December 2006), script by David Lapham, pencils and inks by David Aja, colors by Jose Villarrubia, letters by Joe Caramagna

This has been another installment of "Favorite Beatles Songs of the Superheroes." Join us again next time when we sing along with that popular Fab Four favorite "Hey, Beta Ray Bill, what did you kill, Beta Ray Bill..."


El Gigante said...

The super text was maybe the best thing I've read all week. "He's fulla adamantium indeed"

Evan Waters said...

Not surprisingly, Luke Cage's is "You Never Give Me Your Money."

Anonymous said...

Bang bang, Don Blake's Uru hammer came down on his head.


chiasaur11 said...

The answer to the query regarding Bill apparently will shortly be "Galactus."

All the children sing indeed.

Reg said...

There is a circa 1980 issue of The Avengers in which there's a panel featuring the Beast singing a slightly mangled version of Eleanor Rigby in the shower.