Tuesday, May 12, 2009

365 Days with Ben Grimm: Day 132

Ladeez and gennlemen and boys and girls: are you ready for the most awesome cake in the universe?!?

Ben Grimm cake

It's the Ben Grimm Rice Krispie Treats Cake!

Oh man oh man oh man, I know what I want for my birthday party now! (July 1, if'n you're keepin' track.) Today's Ben Grimm is not utterly amazing but also ultra-sweet, and is shown through the kind courtesy of its Master Chief, Dan't of the Bully-approved blog am.fm.pm. You can check out another photo of the world's most clobberin' treat ever here, but don't stop there: make with the clickety-click to check out am.fm.pm's wide range of commentary on and larfs at pop culture, music, film, the media, and "River City trombone futures." (Also, on comics!) Thanks again to Dan't for allowing me to show off his rocky orange snack sensation, and here's hoping he's going to be the chef at your next birthday party. (Now do She-Hulk, Mister Dan't!)


Anonymous said...

That is...awesome.

Medraut said...

Most times when people (or little stuffed bulls) say something is "The most awesome ___ in the universe", it is hyperbole.

Not in this case though.