Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ten of a Kind: I just wanna go huntin'/It makes me feel so good

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Christian Zamora said...

I'm surprised to see that even a Star Wars book used this theme in one of its covers.

Salo said...

I'm more surprised that some of those covers don't actually make any sense if you don't know the context.

The idea of the poster is, of course, that the rest of the group is dead and the person(s) in the lights is/are the last survivors.

The "New Exiles" one is only people standing in front of a poster, which could well be about upcoming rock concert. The people in front aren't threatened, and apparently none of the people in the background are dead.

This goes for the Brotherhood as well; three faces on the wall, none of them the persons in front of the picture.

And you're suprised about the Star Wars one? I'm mostly surprised about the STAR TREK one. It's the most serious of the punch; Star Wars is, of course, only a pulp/fantasy story set in futurist universe.

Sean said...

The Brotherhood was the one written by "X," right? Did anyone ever confirm who actually wrote it?

One of the world's least important mysteries, I know.

Sea-of-Green said...

Interesting that the grand majority of these are X-men-related covers. Like they just couldn't get past that idea.