Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You and what army?

These armies, bub:

100 Toy Soldiers
Click all ads to Patton-size

200 WWII Soldiers

132 Roman Soldiers

100 Toy Soldiers

Task Force

204 Revolutionary War Soldiers

And when you get tired of toy war, why not move on up to the next level?:
US Government Surplus

Just remember, in the words of Nick Fury:
War is Hell

Isn't that right, Martika?:

(Read more about comic book toy soldiers and ads at the excellent website The World of Comic Book Toy Soldiers!)


Ron Hogan said...

Well, now I'm curious as to how the Howling Commandos got sent to Vietnam for a double-sized epic and we STILL didn't win.

Sleestak said...

Martika is so upset with that wall. All her pleading and pounding fists has no effect! It's almost like some sort of allegory or symbolism for something.

Pat said...

I can't believe that someone actually received toy soldiers! I have been waiting for my Roman Legion since at least 1970.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid reading my uncle's old comics, I used to see these ads and get so mad that I couldn't order them myself!

Bill D. said...

I loved the Gang War parody of these ads they ran in what the, which included a couple of "Tourists Who Got Off at the Wrong Subway Stop, and Boy Are They Sorry" figures