Friday, September 26, 2008

Sad news: The end of a comics legend

Today it was announced that the popular Li'l Jinx series of comic books is cancelled, and I for one am a sad comics fan.

Li'l Jinx

There are far too few young-adult-oriented comics on the market, and the antics of young Jinx and her tubby pal Charley Hawse delighted kids and adults of all ages. The brilliant and colorful artwork of master draftsman Joe Edwards was always a stand-out, and the funny and touching tales of a young girl bewildering and baffling her father time and time again are timeless stories of adolescent fun.

Li'l Jinx

It's especially sad because Jinx was one of the few comics on the stands specifically targeted towards young females, giving them stories of adventure, empowerment, love and stealing pies.

Li'l Jinx

I for one will miss her. I mourn the cancellation of Jinx, and...

What's that?

Minx comics have been cancelled? Minx???




Brian Smith said...

"Jinx" links winks Minx?

Philip G. said...

Well now I want to read Jinx.

Marc Burkhardt said...

My wife and son always wonder whatever happened to Jinx's mom. You still see her dad ... but not the mom.

Anonymous said...

Yea for Bully, you totally suckered me with this one!