Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think that I have never seen/A poem as lovely as Wolverine.

Let's Visit the X-Men!

Those fans who wrote to Marvel books
Some of 'em had quite clever hooks

After each issue, without fail
They kept on sending in that mail

From all over Earth notes arrive
To Mad. Ave., Number Six-Two-Five,

"Make mine Marvel!" "Long Live Stan!"
"Will Gwen Stacy kiss Spider-Man?"

Demands of fights they want to see
Sub-Mariner versus DD.

And picky fans with countless tries
To catch Stan out and win No-Prize.

But best of all, you will agree
Are writers who send poetry

So let's look at letters sublime
Sent in to X-Men, all in rhyme.

X-Men #139
This one's from X-Men one-three-nine
(Soon after this John Byrne'd resign)
An elegy of sad dismay
For Phoenix. (That would be Jean Grey.)

X-Men #47
In X-Men forty-six I read
That Professor X is dead
Here's a salute to that bald man
From Robert Rapp out in Spokane.

X-Men #35
And here's one from an early year.
Holy cow, it's Mark Evanier!
I think somehow he always knew
He'd be writing those poems in Groo.

So next time you pick up your pen
To write to Marvel, think again
You should write some poetry
Address it to Mister Stan Lee
Try to recapture the Age of Silver



Phillip said...

The lettercol
Allus makes me lol.

Unknown said...

Bully, that last line
was mighty fine

or something

-Don Julian

to leave a comment, my word verification was "pzorr",
this I enter'd so I could rhyme some more.

aagh, must stop rhyming,
am not an mc

SallyP said...

Oh Bully...your talents never cease to delight and amaze me.