Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is that you Hulk/Or just a brilliant disguise

Let's look at one of my favorite Thing/Hulk moments, ever. It takes place in the seldom-seen The Hulk and the Thing: The Big Change graphic novel by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson. The dynamic duo of Ben 'n' Bruce are stranded on an alien world, trying to fit in until they can find something appropriate to (respectively) clobber and smash. But even on a planet populated by weirdies straight outta the Star Wars cantina scene, a giant orange guy and a monstrous green stand out like a sore tentacle. The quicksilver mind of Benjamin J. Grimm snaps into action: the pair need disguises:

The Big Change
The Big Change
The Big Change
The Big Change
The Big Change
The Big Change
All panels are from Marvel Graphic Novel #29: The Incredible Hulk and The Thing: "The Big Change" (November 1987), written by Jim Starlin, pencilling and inking by Bernie Wrightson, coloring by Michelle Wrightson, lettering by Jim Novak

I know the Hulk these days is a hero all filled with angst, anger and tragedy these days...but you sure can't beat the days when he used to wear a silly squid hat.


Phillip said...

One of my favorite comics ever.

Unknown said...

Marvel Comics went downhill once their characters stopped wearing sea life on their heads.

Nice Springsteen reference, by the way.

Novice said...

Aw...cute Hulk is the best Hulk.

SallyP said...

Why that's just adorable.

Chris Ayers said...

Thing & Hulk...the Hope & Crosby of the Marvel Universe. There should be a whole series of "Road To..." comics starring these guys.

Imagine it..."The Road To Latveria", "The Road To The Savage Land", "The Road To The Negative Zone". I'd buy it.

Bill S. said...

I hope the squid guy was ok...

Pj Perez said...

See, this is why Marvel SHOULDN'T need a "special" line of comics such as Marvel Adventures to target kids -- once upon a time, their mainstream comics were actually colorful and funny. And that's JIM STARLIN writing! Even Mr. "I Will Kill All Your Heroes" has a funny bone.

J.R. Jenks said...

Don't fret, bill s. The squid guy regains consciousness later in the comic.

Then loses it again, IIRC.