Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today in Comics History, August 28: Happy Birthday, Jack (2008)

Acute readers of "Comics Oughta Be Good!" (not to mention the cute know who you are!) may have noticed that all the entries this week have been about the artwork of Mister Jack Kirby. You never need an excuse to post art by The King, but there is a more-than-random reason why you've been treated to Kirby's Kartooning: today is Jack's birthday. And to celebrate, what better time than to post, look at, and admire two of my favorite early 70s Kirby pages, from Fantastic Four #95:

Fantastic Four #95 page by Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four #95 page by Jack Kirby
from Fantastic Four (1961 series) #95 (Marvel, February 1970), script by Stan Lee, pencilled by Jack Kirby, inked by Joe Sinnott, lettered by Artie Simek

Look again at that guy in the lower right-hand corner for a moment:

Sorry, Mister, but you only need one Jack: Kirby.

Happy birthday, King.


SallyP said...

You know something that I've always liked about Jack Kirby? His backgrounds. So many artists skimp on backgrounds, but look at the one with the Thing, it's gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Jack.

Michael Jones said...

Hey cut Keaton some slack, he doesn't get to talk much...
Kirby-san, O-tanjobi omedetou gozaimasu!

Bill Henry said...

The ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing to the rescue! Great panels. Thanks for sharing this!

Check out the Kirby birthday tribute over at the Mighty Mighty MOC-BLOG, official blog of Mid-Ohio-Con 2008.

John Byrne, Alan Davis, Mike Grell, Sumerak, and more answer the question "Why is Kirby King?"

Marc Burkhardt said...

Ooops! I'm glad I stopped by Bully -well, I'm always glad to stop by actually - because my day-late and a dollar-short tribute to the King slated for Friday was going to include that shot of the Thing holding up a building!

I'd better replace it quick with a Dingbats splash or something ...

Great posts this week Bully, as always!

Dean said...

Jack could have held up that building with just one hand. His other hand, of course, would be drawing a splash page. Happy birthday, Jack.