Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Marvel-Con '76: Featuring free Kung Fu Lessons!

Marvel-Con '76
Click image to embiggen. Ad from Fantastic Four #170 (February 1976)

Ten things that tickle my fancy about this advertisement:
  1. Hour-long art lessons by John Buscema. Man, that conference room musta been packed.
  2. Writing lessons by Roy Thomas! If you haven't read every comic book published between 1941 and 1950, don't bother showin' up!
  3. Cartoon Stan Lee and his unkempt locks.
  4. Ten bucks admission for all three days. This year's New York Comic Con is $60 for a weekend. And John Buscema's not gonna be giving art lessons at that, I bet!
  5. Meet the Amazing Spider-Man!
  6. And other super-heroes in person!
  7. The fabulous Hotel Commodore, mere moments away from where I work but no longer in business. Thanks to Donald Trump, it's now the Grand Hyatt. But here's what it looked like. Look, can you see John Romita wavin' out the window?

    Hotel Commodore

  8. Apparently Marvel-Con '75 was pretty successful, but according to Stan, this one will boggle your mind even further than before!
  9. Free kung fu lessons.
  10. Person to send your con application to? Vince Colletta. Don't write your application in pencil, kids...he'll erase all the lines!
Ten bucks? For all that? Sign me up, Stan. Sign me up.


Bill D. said...

Marvel-Con '76 sounds like a lot of fun... I wish I could have gone! Of course, seeing as I was negative 7 days old that weekend, I suppose it would've been difficult.

I had no idea NYCC passes were so much. Jeez, if I wasn't able to get in for free, I wouldn't go at all at that price. That's just silly.

Jim said...

The Vince Colletta comment cracks me up!