Thursday, March 13, 2008

Marvel Bullpen '69: Now with more Steranko than ever before.

From Fantastic Four Annual #7 (November 1969), a portfolio of Marvel Bullpen personal photos! Clip and save! Paste 'em in your locker! Trade with your friends!

Bullpen Photographs
Bullpen Photographs
Bullpen Photographs
Bullpen Photographs


QATim said...

Wow. John Severin is Nick Fury.

Johnny Bacardi said...

Y'know, this part of that FF Annual stayed with me longer than the actual story it contained. At age 9, this was the first time I had actually laid eyes on these men and women who (to a little Kentucky kid) seemed like the Gods on Mount Olympus or something.

I've often pondered how, in these internet days when I can exchange emails with creators, see their mugs online (for better or worse), and write a blog in which they sometimes comment or read, how much things have changed. I guess we lose in mystery what we gain in accessiblity...

Steven said...

Man, John Buscema's Dr. Strange impression ain't got nothing on Jim "I AM Mr. Miracle" Steranko.

Do you think they tried to get a fully lit shot of him, but he brought his own dramatic shadow?

SallyP said...

My goodness! The first thing I saw was Stan Lee, before I got to everything else, and I seriously thought it was Ringo Starr.

But I LOVE Roy Thomas's glasses.

Bill D. said...

I didn't know Artie Simek's daughter was a letterer, too. That's really cool.

And I'm crushing a little on Jean Thomas now. :)

FoldedSoup said...

Steranko is giving me the jibblies.

We need to organize a stare-off between him and Moore. Y'know... for charity.

semanticdrifter said...

Wow. Jean Thomas is way more of a stone cold fox than I ever imagined. Also, it looks like Herb Trimpe is very slowly punching himself in the jaw.

Kevin Church said...

And no Flo Steinberg. Maybe she deserved that $5 raise, Stan.

Jason said...

Dude, check out the hard looks on Sal and John Buscema! They look like they're gonna reach out of the picture and punch us all in the jaw!

Anonymous said...

Joe Sinnott = Peter Brady

Jose de Leon said...

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