Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twenty-Five of a Kind: Here Comes Santa Claus, Right Down Comic Book Lane

Click on each picture to Santa-size. And Happy Christmas, everyone!


Michael Jones said...

Ha! I beat you to the punch. Though I went on a slightly different bent, you're still the Cover King. (Sounds like a cool name for a villain.)

Chance said...

Great collection, though some of those covers do not actually have Santa on them.

Bully said...

Yes, despite the post title, I wasn't going for Santa-only covers—just Christmas covers.

Michael, your fourteen covers are great!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bully,

It's David Tucker of London Walks here.

This is completely off-topic, but I'm going to charge in anyway. Apropos said behaviour are you aware that the term - er - "bull in a china shop" - has a London (specifically a Smithfield) origin?

Anyway, writing to ask a favour. Taking that liberty because on several occasions you've had a lot of good things to say about London Walks. So good that we've linked to them from

The favour is: wonder if there's any chance of your giving our new url - - a link.

It's very VERY different from - it's just one (attractive, old fashioned) page - spare in the extreme - just five paragraphs - but they're quite possibly the five best paragraphs ever written about London in an "introductory" capacity. They're not our words, they're the historian and author Christopher Winn's.

Anyway, the point is that is so far down the Google "charts" it's well nigh invisible...and we need to get some inlinks in to it.

And I hasten to add, our getting that url was absolutely "walker led" - when we were having all the problems earlier this year with knock-offs calling themselves London Walks lots of our walkers were saying, "the problem is we don't remember you as, we remember you as London Walks - you really should get - it's much more intuitive."

And so we did - though, you can imagine, it cost an arm and a leg.

And sigh - in evolutionary terms it's at the bottom of the sea. We need to get it crawling up out of the ooze and into oxygen country.

Ergo this appeal.

Many many thanks.

David Tucker
London Walks

And a P.S., if you ever happen to pitch up on one that I'm personally guiding - well, PLEASE, be sure to identify yourself, say hello, etc.

Bully said...

Hi David! For you guys, of course! I love your walks and have taken many, many of them with great delight. I was just thinking of them this week as last year at this time I was in London and having the time of my life.

Let me adjust some of my previous posts from last year (the St Albans walk post gets a lot of traffic and I'll redirect it to the new site) and when I get back and settled from Christmas I'll put out a post about you guys with the new link.

I'm hoping to be in London for next Christmas. Tell me which walks you guide and I (and the big guy I travel with, John) will be sure to attend!

Cheers and Happy Christmas!

Bully said...

I've given you a sidebar link, David, and I will adjust the past links after Christmas and give you a little write-up...I'm never shy about having a chance to talk about London!

One suggestion: the front page of is lovely but not really intuitive about where to continue. I knew enough to click on one of the two red buttons that said, but you might want to consider making it more obvious: "Click here for our extensive line of the finest walking tours in London." Just thinking it might increase your clickthrough to make it REALLY obvious!

Please say hi to Hilary, Brian, Alan and Richard III who gave me some of the best tours I've had! I also very much enjoyed Jean's Pearly Queen walk, which I posted a piece on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bully,

Thanks a baker's dozen ton for everything.

If you can tandem them - and - that would be great. The whole thing is slightly tricky in that we hope people won't "pull" in favour of the new kid - our competitive environment - in cyberspace at any rate - is a shark tank - so we need as many inlinks to the main site as possible. Just hoping that we can get a few add-ons for the new one - at the moment it's 21 pages down. Which is oblivion-land. I don't care it all about it's cracking the Top Ten - but it would be nice if we could get it up into the eleven to twenty range. When that Houston firm Domain Name "ranch" owned it they just turned it into a parking lot - advertising, amongst other things, London plumbers and florists! - and it was at 15. So it's a bit of a puzzle why we're off the charts in deep Atlantic trough territory.

I'll onpass your suggestions to the webbies when they stagger back in to Mediasterling in a fortnight or so.

Ditto - the onpassing I mean - your hellos/best wishes to the LW crew.

FYI, the ones I normally guide are the Along the Thames on Friday evening (it's one of my two favourites - out of the 51 I'm able to guide), Old Kensington on alternate Saturdays, Old Hampstead Village on Sunday mornings (it's the other favourite), Shakespeare's and Dickens's Old City on Sunday afternoons. And on Thursdays I alternate - last Thursday it was Old Westminster. Next Thursday it'll be Old Kensington. And so on.

Finalmente - I'm a huge P.G. Wodehouse fan. Do you know the BBC adaptations (for radio) from ten, twelve years ago. Starring Michael Horden (as Jeeves) and Richard Briers as Bertram.

They are perfection in its purest state.

All best,


P.S., on Christmas Day I'm one of the handful of guides who takes the Christmas Day Dickens walk at 2 pm from Trafalgar Square - by the big Chrissie tree.

P.P.S., you interested in British comics from mid-century? My father-in-law, the distinguished BBC Producer Charles Chilton, wrote one. A western. A British western!
Riders of the Range - or something like that - it was called.

Go figure, right?

Finally, the pro forma but nonetheless genuinely meant: Happy Hols!