Friday, May 25, 2007



Thank you Kevin! And Laura! And Bill D.! And Sleestak! And Mikester! And H and Mag! And FoldedSoup and Deliah! And Steven! And Michael! And Johnny Bacardi! And Chris! And Dave! And Shane! And Carla! And The Fortress Keeper and Fuzzy & Softy! And Morgan! And Evan! And Steve! And Walaka! And Andrew! And Siskoid! And MD! And Erin! And Elayne! And Tony! And Gordon! And Vaklam! And everybody who congratulated me in my comments!

ZOMG! I do have a posse!

Thank you, all!


Walaka said...

Sorry I came late to the party, Bully. Congratulations on two years of fine, funny blogging! And thanks again for you-know-what.

Siskoid said...

Count me in as well. Comics Oughta Be Fun is one of my first stops on the blogosphere every morning!

SallyP said...

Of COURSE you have a posse, my dear!