Wednesday, March 07, 2007

There's no such thing as a spoiler warning in the media

Listening to the radio news this morning was a mistake, because they've just reported the startling shock twist in today's Captain America #25. Blast you, national media! Blast you all to perdition!

(You probably already know the news, but SPOILER WARNING: don't click here if you want to be surprised.)

I'll leave complaining about the event itself for later...a poorly conceived spit-in-the-face that lumps another steaming heap of dung on the crap pile that is Civil War. But as for the story being spoiled now rather than when I turn a comic book page: must I barricade myself from all outside influence in order to get a surprise from my comics? (To their credit, DC is doing it well with 52, although all those surprises are generally with mid-list, non-iconic, non-newsworthy characters.)



Tegan said...

Ya, I don't even read the book and was a little surprised to see the spoilers in the news. I am supposed to be picking up a copy for my buddy, so I guess I need to get to the shop early today so folks who see the news item and think "COLLECTOR ISSUE, MUST GET!" won't buy all the copies before I get there. *sigh*

Bully said...

Well, I'd recommend that if you do want it, go out and get it today. Even Jim Hanley's, which carries so much stock I can generally feel secure that if I miss an issue two or three weeks back (sometimes even several months) was down to their last two copies on the shelf when I was in over my lunchtime. I didn't buy it, but I don't begrudge those who do want it by any means.

That said, it will certainly be collected in trade, probably a few weeks or a couple months down the line, so I wouldn't pay more than cover price for it.

Tegan said...

Eh, I got a copy. I always hit the store on Wednesday if I'm not busy with something else.

Michael Jones said...

I haven't read Cap in years, and my access to Comix in Japan is limited so I haven't read a single 52 issue (I trust that is a good thing), so I was a bit shocked about the media alert. What would Jack say?
Does this mean that Captain America will return with Cap-Red, Cap-White and Cap-Blue issues?