Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What the comic book industry needs

I think we all agree the industry needs more strong female heroes. Smart, savvy, action-oriented female heroes who are as capable or better yet, more capable than the men around her. Able to kick butt, move like an Olympic gymnast, drive like a NASCAR pro, hack computers like David Lightman, outwit her pursuers, and land on her feet like a cat.

It wouldn't hurt if she was cute, too.

That's why the comic book industry needs...

Erin Esurance
...a comic book series starring Erin Esurance.

She's clever. She's witty. She's fast on her feet. And she's got all the elements of a successful running saga: a clueless love interest, three menacing supervillains on her trail, and the savvy and know-how to defeat and escape them. She's like Mrs. Peel: The Animated Series.

Erin Esurance

What's more, every issue would have a lesson learned, a moral at the end of the story: that you can save time and money buying auto insurance at competitive prices online.

Erin Esurance

So wise up, Dan Didio. Wake up and smell the coffee, Joey Q. American needs an Erin Esurance comic book, and they need it, now!

Erin Esurance

No, wait. That's what I need.



Sleestak said...

Looks like someone is angling to be the Esurance mascot!

Sell out.

Bully said...

But I'm bullish on getting you the best coverage for your car, motorcycle or boat!

Brandon Bragg said...

You could totally stomp that gecko dude.

Tom Foss said...

Seems to me that she's always been something of a Kim Possible ripoff. Has Disney done Kim Possible comics yet?

Bully said...

No Kim Disney comic, although Tokyopop has pubished some Kim Possible cinemanga. A KP comic would have been a brilliant idea, Tom (although the peak popularity time for her is slightly past).

That's definitely one thing Warner does much, much better than clueless Disney: the Johnny DC and Cartoon Network line of comics have produced a strong variety of tie-in media comics for many, many of their properties, whether in their own books or stories in the Cartoon Network Block Party comic. (Give Juniper Lee her own comic!)

Anonymous said...

Well I saw that Marvel has a White Tiger series written by Tamora Pierce, a bestselling author in kids and teen book. In fact, Joe Quesada has preview pages at the bottom of his last post. Marvel is trying...

Anonymous said...

...White Tiger with cover art by David Mack.

Mmm mmm mmm.

Unknown said...

i agree. erin esurance is a really nice beautifully done cartoon. she should get her own show.